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Facebook Communities Reel

I created this reel for an extensive project that I worked on with Meta called "Facebook Communities", through my company Affirma. My team was tasked in creating 18 animated videos, 8 gifs, and 15 infographics that all needed to be localized into several different languages to be used to educate Facebook community leaders on how to improve and grow their communities.

Dapr from Microsoft

Animation that I made under direction from a Microsoft client. Dapr is an open-source, portable, event-driven runtime application designed to make developers' lives easier. Before making this video, I had to familiarize myself with the technicalities of developer language and architecture. This video went through many rounds of style boards, storyboarding, and revisions in order to satisfy Microsoft standards.

Equip your frontline workforce

Another animation created for a Microsoft client to promote Azure Active Directory. This video features extensive use of character rigging. Special attention was given to creating natural movement and bounce to the illustrations. The color palette was limited to four main Microsoft brand colors.

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